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"Journey" in 3-D at GSC Mid Valley

Writer: Ezekiel Lee Zhiang Yang

Brendan Fraser: "Am I in 3D now?"
1 Jul – The latest adaptation of the Jules Verne classic has produced a cinematic first for the country - Golden Screen Cinemas will mark a milestone when they play Brendan Fraser's "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" this 10 July 2008 in "digital 3-D" format.

According to GSC, this will be the first time a 3-D movie will be screened in digital format in the country, and the 3-D version of "Journey To the Centre of the Earth" will only be available at GSC Mid Valley. The normal 2-D version however will be screened in other GSC and non-GSC cinemas nationwide.

"GSC will be bringing in the Dolby Digital Cinema System which features outstanding Dolby quality and reliability," explained Mr Irving Chee, GSC General Manager. It is understood from the distribution arm of GSC that the audience will have access to 3-D glasses in the cinema, although they are still finalising the mechanics.

Tickets for the 3-D version in GSC Mid Valley will be priced at RM17 (adult) and RM11 (children) for a normal seat whereas the twins seats will be sold at RM19 (adult) each, which includes usage of the 3-D glasses. The 2-D version will be at the prevailing cinema ticket pricing.

"Okay are they gonna give us the 3-D glasses or what?"
Meanwhile, TGV Cinemas is also considering arrangements to bring the GSC-distributed movie into their fold. Sources within the chain say that two locations are picked out as likely to house the digital projection of the 3-D film – TGV KLCC and TGV Sunway. Cathay Cineplexes on the other hand, will be playing the regular 2-D version of the film.

After seeing many adaptations throughout the years, "Journey" is touted as the first live-action feature film to be shot and released entirely on digital 3-D. Previously the film lost its "3-D" tag in Malaysia when the status of efforts to secure the projection arrangement were unclear.

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