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FINAS: Keep your pants on

Writer: Ezekiel Lee Zhiang Yang

FINAS top man Mohd Mahyidin Mustakim (centre) at a press conference for the second Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival (KLIFF) last month

30 Dec – Malaysian Film Development Corporation (FINAS) director-general Mohd Mayhidin Mustakim played down the RM 20 per Hollywood movie ticket move by saying that there has been no submission of any sort yet.

He is referring to the pending proposal to FINAS by the Malaysian Film Producers Association (PFM) to jack up the ticket price for Hollywood movies to RM 20, which was reported last week in the local press.

Speaking via telephone to Cinema Online, he said: "Sensitive issue? What sensitive issue? There are plenty of proposals all the time by lots of people to even more people. This is just one of them. Although it's a serious matter which involves government approval and not just the film industry people, rest assured that no decision will be taken without due consideration, especially now when no submission has been made even".

Will it cost RM20 to watch "Transformers 2" next year?

Declining to elaborate on his personal stand on the matter, he did however mention that there are many other ways by which the local film industry is being improved, such as the various training programmes and related workshops that have been organised recently by FINAS.

He also volunteered: "RM15, RM20, RM 25... what precisely are we measuring against here? People will pay a lot to watch 'Spiderman' or 'Lord Of The Rings'. There must be a justification and I can only comment and take action once the proposal is duly received. We must be certain that it really is beneficial".

Meanwhile, more than 1000 reads have been registered on Cinema Online's forum thread on the matter since the news first surfaced a few days ago. It is learned that some cinemagoers have even set up a group on popular Internet social networking site Facebook to protest against the RM 20 move.

Cinema Online, 30 December 2008