Getting "Connected"

Getting "Connected"

Louis Koo (second from left), Barbie Hsu (in black) and director Benny Chan

25 Sep - Hong Kong superstar Louis Koo and Taiwanese beauty Barbie Hsu were in town yesterday to promote their latest movie "Connected." Also present was director Benny Chan, who last gave Malaysians "Invisible Target" in July 2007.

Speaking at a press conference held at One World Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, the renowned filmmaker whose credits include "New Police Story" and "Rob B Hood", was happy to share his experience in making "Connected," a remake of Hollywood's 2004 title "Cellular." According to him, the most stressful part of the whole production was to deal with the editing. Since all the scenes and takes were done separately for both actors, Benny said the problem arises when he could not decide which scenes to edit first. When Warner Bros first told director Benny about remaking "Cellular," he couldn't be happier but he wanted to make it bigger and better.

There were difficulties in terms of getting permission to film on the streets from the authorities but the cast and crew were determined to make the best out of it. Preferring to perform his own stunts, Louis explained that he wanted the effects to look more realistic. Fans of Louis can breathe a sigh of relief, as the actor revealed he was not seriously hurt on set, only minor cuts and bruises here and there.

Louis Koo and his 1000 megawatt smile

Barbie Hsu or fondly known as "Da S" is all excited
As for Barbie, better known as "Da S" to her fans, playing the kidnapped woman was really an eye-opener for her. She said: "What really impressed me was my character, Grace. When faced with tough decision-making, she needed to stay calm all the time to try to reconnect the phone line. Though most of the time she dirtied herself more than anyone else, she mentioned that it was worth every minute because all films made by director Benny Chan are superb.

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"Connected" opens in cinemas nationwide today, 25 September 2008.

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