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"Histeria" slated for 18 Dec 08 release

Writer: Wahiduzzaman

7 Oct – "Histeria", the upcoming list from major distributor, Tayangan Unggul looks all set for its year-end release just before the year closes its curtain. The film, which sees James Lee's directorial debut in a feature film, is slated for the 18 Dec 2008 slot.

As revealed by Lee per tele-conversation, the idea of making "Histeria" was inspired by his obsession with Hollywood's 80s thriller, particularly "Hostel" and "Saw". He admitted, "I enjoyed watching such films and have been thinking of making one. This movie definitely contains a lot of blood and gore, in addition to spiritual elements, which excites me the most. Although I was worried earlier that a possible censorship might have spoilt my dream to see "Histeria" making its major release, I am now relieved with the given slot."

Ady Putra, the main actor in "Histeria"

The cast Adlin Aman Ramlie (left) and M. Rajoli (right) between takes

Mega producer Gayatri and new director Lee giving full attention to the monitor during the filming last year

James instructing the cast before shooting while Adlin looks on

Lee is thrilled and looks forward to feedbacks from the audience. After a year of waiting, the film eventually is set for the year-end slot and on a tight run with other local made including Afdlin Shauki's "Los Dan Faun" and KRU's "Cicakman 2: Planet Hitam". Despite the strong competition, Lee is optimistic that his film will get its own place among local cinemagoers. "I believe that "Histeria" has its own audience appeal when released. Even though three big movies will be competing this December, these are movies of different genres and themes. Thus, I am certain that our audience have wider options and might as well watch all of them!" Lee enthused.

"Histeria" revolves around seven students Alissa, Tini, Malini, Murni, Maryam, Jenny and Kerek who calls themselves the "Pink Flamingo". One day, they decided to pull a prank and pretended to be spiritually possessed. They were so convincing that the school officials had to call a witch doctor to cure them. When the truth is revealed, the group is punished to clean the college premises for a week during their semester break. They were placed in an unpleasant dorm and that is when weird things begin to haunt them one after another.

The movie sees a mixture of new faces and local big stars including Liyana Jasmay, Ady Putra, Adlin Aman Ramlie, M. Rajoli, Vanidah Imran, Noris Ali, Scha and many others.

Cinema Online, 08 October 2008