The Local Movies of 2008

The Local Movies of 2008

7 Jan – Now that we are into 2008, cinemagoers are abuzz with the anticipated hits of the year, most of which are Hollywood blockbusters. However, the local movie scene is nonetheless as promising and exciting.

Among the most anticipated local films are sequels to hits, like "Remp-It 2" and "Cicakman 2: Planet Hitam". As our local stars step into roles of window cleaners, drag racers and even a mermaid, this year promises a serving of exciting features. Many Malaysian movies are scheduled to hit cinemas, featuring a lot of horror efforts, and even Hans Isaac's directorial debut.

Here is a sampling of local cinema flavour soon to be served in cinemas nationwide:

"Jarum Halus" is the directorial debut of young Malaysian filmmaker Mark Tan. It is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's classic "Othello", set in modern-day Kuala Lumpur and performed in a mix of Malaysian English and Malay (with English subtitles). This is a story about the complexity and fragility of relationships, and how ‘little sins' can easily snowball into great tragedies. In the movie, young Chinese executive Daniel Oh (Christien New) elopes with a Malay colleague's daughter, Mona (Juliana Ibrahim). His best friend and fellow employee Iskandar (Razif Hashim) uses this as the seed in a plot to bring about Daniel's downfall.
"Jarum Halus" opens in cinemas on 10 January.
In "Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang", reporter Saleh (Rosyam Nor) finds himself stranded in a village after his car tyre is punctured by a strange keris (knife). During his stay, he meets the beautiful and mysterious Cik Putih (Umie Aida), sister to the mechanic Jongkidin, and is immediately smitten. At the same time, he also finds out that when there is a full moon, a man would disappear from the village. Rumours start to spread about a pontianak who is killing the men for their blood. Saleh decides to stay a little longer to solve the mystery, even after being advised to leave the village by Doreen (Corrien Adrienne). Who has been kidnapping the men? What is the secret of the village?
"Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang" also opens on 10 January.
"Cuci" is about four adopted brothers - Jojo (Awie), Fairil (Afdlin Shauki), C'tan (AC Mizal) and Khai (Hans Isaac) - who leave their kampung and head for Kuala Lumpur to make it big in the cleaning business. Fairil, the most ambitious, inspires them to enter the Window Washing Olympics for the most coveted contract of all - cleaning the windows of KLCC. However, the brothers would have to survive the allure of organiser CJ (Erra Fazira), as well as stiff competition from current champion and contract holder Wira (Khir Rahman) to win the title in Hans Isaac's directorial debut "Cuci".
"Cuci" opens in cinemas nationwide on 24 January.
"Dunia Baru The Movie" starts with Anizah (Anita Baharom) who is about to leave for Britain to study nanotechnology but is kidnapped by her psychotic ex-boyfriend Fazley (Mohd Hafiz Nafiah). He forces her to write a note saying she wants to leave all her hopes and dreams to marry him in Thailand. In that note, she leaves a message for her friends to try and save her. As they travel north they encounter so many challenges and funny incidents that they want to give up, turn back to KL and forsake their friend.
"Dunia Baru The Movie" opens on 7 February.
"Duyung" is a light-hearted fantasy romantic comedy. The movie revolves around Jimmy (Saiful Apek), a nature-loving man who lives in a fishing village and spends his time looking after the environment by clearing rubbish. He has always believed in the myth that if the environment is well looked after, a mermaid (Maya Karin) would appear.
"Duyung" opens on 6 March.
"Akhirat" is the story of Mira (Vanidah Imran) who struggles to keep her life going despite the fact that she is HIV-positive. Determined to keep her affliction a secret from her husband, Amran (Tony Eusoff), she tries to pair him up with her wild and troubled cousin Noni (Nabila Huda).
"Akhirat" opens on 20 March.
"Muallaf" is directed by Yasmin Ahmad and tells the story of two sisters, Rohani, 20, and Rohana, 14, who are on the run from their wealthy, abusive father. Finding refuge in a small town, they meet Robert Ng, a Catholic school teacher who finds himself irresistibly drawn to the sisters and their extraordinary courage. This relationship inevitably forces Robert to confront a haunting memory of his own troubled childhood.
The release date has yet to be confirmed.

"Evolusi: KL Drift" revolves around Zack (Syamsul Yusof) and Sham (Farid Kamil), two close friends who enjoy ‘drift racing'. Traditionally, drift racing is a sport monopolised by men but that does not stop Fasha (Fasha Sandha), Zack's girlfriend, for making this daring and aggressive sport her hobby.
"Histeria" takes place at a private college and it involves seven students who call themselves the "Pink Flamingo". When one of them takes something which does not belong to her, strange things started happening. One by one, they started to die horrific deaths until only Murni (Liyana Jasmay) is left and now the police blame her for the murders, suggesting that she is mentally unstable.
"Susuk" follows Soraya (Diana Rafar), a young trainee nurse who is starting to feel disaffected by her life. However, a chance to enter the world of glamour piques her earlier ambition to be a star, and she turns to the forbidden practice of susuk (black magic) to help her along. Meanwhile, Suzana (Ida Nerina), a prominent diva with an air of mystery, has long been a practitioner of the black arts and every time she violates a taboo, a human life is required.
"Lembing Awang Pulang Ke Dayang" is related to an incident that occurred in Johor in 1776. When Awang (Farid Kamil) returns to marry his fiancée, Dayang (Ejad), he finds out that Bachuk (Zul Huzaimy) had misinformed her and the two are to be married. At the wedding ceremony Awang spears Bachuk, who in turn spears his best man. The brawl continues until it reaches Dayang.
"Los and Faun" is about Carlos Rodrigo (Hans Isaac) and Ahmad Faun bin Sulaiman (Adlin Aman Ramlie) who are close friends. The two start a business, making use of Faun's sudden talent in locating lost items. One day, a Datin wants their service in finding a lost watch but, as their excitement grows, Faun's ability slowly fades on the eve of their biggest job yet.
"Papadom" is the tale of Saadom (Afdlin Shauki), a successful nasi kandar businessman who works hard at raising his daughter Mia (Liyana Jasmay) on his own. As Mia grows up she gets annoyed at her overbearing father and a dilemma arises when Saadom wants his daughter to attend a university closer to home. Mia, on the other hand, wants to get as far away from her father as she can.
"Cinta Terakhir" is about Firdaus (Zizan Nin) and Tina (Intan Olivia Asriana). First getting together in university, the two break up after a misunderstanding and go their separate ways. Five years later, they meet again only to encounter another misunderstanding. Another 30 years later, sees Firdaus falls ill and this brings the two together, hopefully to find true love.
"Geng: Misteri Hantu Durian" Badrol (Izwan) and his best friend, Lim (Yong Pin) visit Badrol's old Kampong and grandfather's durian orchard. Here, they soon make a discovery that leads them to a mysterious house deep in the forest. Together with Rose (Balqis), the village beauty, and a few other friends they start to unravel the secrets surrounding the kampong.
"I'm Not Single" also known as "Aku Bukan Bujang" tells of a young couple, Maya (Lisa Surihani) and Adam (Farid Kamil) who loathe each other. This is because they were forced into an arranged marriage by their parents despite the fact that she already has a boyfriend, Dani (Awal Ashaari). Desperate, Dani tries to find a way to pry Maya away from the dreaded arrangement.
"Antoo Fighter" is a top secret group of five people chosen to protect earth from evil spirits every 60 years. Now, a group of ghostly creatures, led by Drakulat Van Listerooy, has made KL Tower into their headquarters in a bid to destroy the city. Now it's up to Pak Din, one of the last Antoo-fighters to save the day.
"Ablasa" or ‘Bisikan Syaitan' tells the story of Omar who worships the devil so that his wife can be loyal to him. However, it only makes her more deceitful and the two die horribly. 50 years later, Omar's grandson, Asyraf, returns to the where Omar used to live. The devil, who is buried there, comes back to haunt Asyraf.
"Congkak" starts with Kazman buying a bungalow in the outskirts as a family getaway, despite his wife's opposition. When he brings the family there, strange things start happening when his daughter plays the congkak (a game involving a wooden block) all by herself in a dark room with someone only she can see.
"Malaikat Maut" comprises three mini stories on the theme that every time a leaf falls, death occurs. This is because the Angel Of Death is there to catch the leaf and retrieve the soul. The first story is about a mysterious girl seeking shelter. The second tells of a woman living a wild and troubled life, and the third is about a wild and deviated youth who cannot repent as his dying breath cannot form the words.
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