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RM20 movie ticket in 2009?

Writer: Ezekiel Lee Zhiang Yang

RM 20 to watch Kate Beckinsale in "Underworld" next year?
26 Dec – As cinemagoers troop out to watch movies like "The Spirit" and "Australia" during the year end holidays, a proposal by the Malaysian Film Producers Association (PFM) to the Malaysian National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) in relation to increasing ticket prices for Hollywood movies has caused an uproar among consumers who have caught wind of news.

Under the proposal, PFM Chairman Ahmad Puad Onah is reported to have said that the move was to protect the local industry, as recent local movies such as "Antoo Fighter" and the big-budget "Cicak-Man 2" bombed at the Malaysian box office in the heat of Hollywood competition.

However Cinema Online forumers have posted strong dissent over the matter, saying that they will not watch "poor" local movies for free, even if Hollywood movies are priced much higher than the proposed RM 20.

Cinema Online, 26 December 2008