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Afdlin Shauki gets serious

Writer: Lai Swee Wei

Afdlin Shauki at the 22nd Malaysian Film Festival.

16 Aug – After bagging numerous awards for "Papadom" (Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Original Story) and "Los Dan Faun" (Best Comedy Picture) at the recent Malaysian Film Festival in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, director Afdlin Shauki has begun filming his next movie entitled "Jalan Lama." The film, which began shooting three days ago within Kuala Lumpur, will be Afdlin's first attempt at directing a fantasy/mystery.

"I always want to challenge myself because as a director, you must know how to create. Facing a challenge is way to develop my capabilities and to grow as a director. All this while, my focus has been on comedies and I don't want to restrict myself to a particular genre. So right now, I'm moving into a different area that is more serious." said Afdlin.

"Jalan Lama" tells the story of two brothers who return to their hometown upon receiving news of their father's passing. "The relationship between the two brothers isn't strong as the elder brother ran away from home at a young age. After reuniting at their kampung, they will come to experience many life-changing encounters. The movie will have a few elements similar to 'The Lord Of The Rings,'" elaborated Afdlin.

Hans Issac plays the elder brother, while Que Haidar dons the role as his younger sibling. Other actors include Vanidah Imran, Marion Caunter and Afdlin Shauki himself. Vanidah Imran plays the lead female character 'Mata Queen,' appearing as an old lady with no eye sockets.


Cinema Online, 16 August 2009

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