Where's the 'Half-Blood Prince'?

Where's the 'Half-Blood Prince'?

The many Harry Potter characters

Elaine Daly (left) and Carmen Soo.

15 Jul – Round spectacles, wands, cloaks and magic – all the signs that indicates 'Harry Potter is back!' The craze continues as the anticipated sixth instalment had its Malaysian premiere last night with many Harry Potter characters roaming outside the Wizarding realm, into the world of Muggles at GSC Mid Valley. Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione and even He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had appeared from out of nowhere and mingled amongst the guests and contests winners while they wait for the preview screening at 9pm and 9.30pm respectively.

Among the guest celebrities there were model/actress Carmen Soo, Miss Malaysia/Universe 2003 Elaine Daly, Miss Malaysia World 2008 runner-up Cindy Chen, Hitz.fm deejay Rudy, ntv7 presenter Hanson Lee and Zaini Ahmad. Soo who was excited to see the "The Half-Blood Prince" said, "I'm a big fan of the books. I've read all of them. In fact, I've read the books five times and I hope the movie will do justice it. I know the book is thick and the movie can only be at a certain length, whatever it is, I hope to see the movie through the eyes of J.K Rowling like the Quidditch match and the battle scenes." When Elaine Daly was asked which of the characters was her favourite, she promptly replied, "Harry Potter of course!"

Miss Malaysia World 2008 runner-up Cindy Chen

ntv7 host Hanson Lee

Harry Potter characters with a muggle - ntv7 presenter Zaini Ahmad (far left)

After the movie, we asked some Cinema Online's viewers what they thought of the movie and how many stars would they rate it out of 5.

Gan Jiunn Wei: I thought it was interesting and confusing as well because I haven't been following the films. The pacing was too slow for me in terms of how they speak and even the delivery of the action scenes. I'd give 3.5 stars.

Kevin Miau (right): The film was okay. I have been following the previous Harry Potter films and I can say that "The Goblet Of Fire" was much better. Only 3 stars for this movie.

Hani Suraya (right): This was much funnier than the previous Harry Potter films. The movie stays close to the story. Sadly, Voldemort wasn't there! Either way, I'd give 4 stars!

Daniel Lee (right): I'm a follower of the books and films, and I felt that they didn't elaborate further on the Half-Blood Prince when they should. Moreover, it was a bit draggy. To me "The Goblet Of Fire" and "The Order Of The Phoenix" was much better as more magic was being displayed. I'd give 3 stars.

Ng Siok Hiong: I've watched the previous five films and I can say that this was the worst movie among the rest. It felt way too commercial at this stage, I couldn't sense the climax and there wasn't much elaboration on the Half-Blood Prince. I'd rate it with 2 stars.

Siti Daliza (centre): I really liked the movie. It was quite good and really funny. There is definitely more comedy in this one. I'm satisfied with the film. I'd give 5 stars!

"Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" will open in cinemas 16 July 2009!

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