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Sell Out! due 7 May

Official poster at the 2008 Venice Film Festival

24 Apr – Audiences on both sides of the Causeway will be able to catch the award-winning comedy "Sell Out!" opening in cinemas on 7 May 2009, with sneak previews on 1 May 2009 for Singaporeans. Winning the Young Cinema Award for Alternative Vision at the 65th Venice Film Festival in 2008, it was the mark of Malaysian director Yeo Joon Han's feature debut after his initial short film "Adults Only", which made headlines as the first Malaysian film to ever win an award in the same festival.

The film, which screened recently at the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival on 21 April 2009, was reported to be an absolute sell out (pardon the pun) with the crowd where audiences from the lion city got to meet and greet the director and cast members.

The Malaysian-made film contains art and musical themes, parodying the evils of capitalism and the pretensions of art. It has been described as "clever" by acclaimed Malaysian filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad. The synopsis tells of two artists struggling to choose between creative integrity or fame and fortune.

Meanwhile, its home debut in Malaysia has been a source of frustration for the director and his team, who had problems agreeing to the terms surrounding its release. Previously set to show as early as mid-March, it has now finally secured a 7 May release as well, under the distribution arm of Golden Screen Cinemas.

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