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"Sell Out!" in Malaysia!

Writer: Lai Swee Wei

Fans asking director Yeo Joon Han for autographs after the world premiere of "Sell Out!"

8 Feb – "Sell Out!" (also known as "$ell.Ou7") has finally secured its release in Malaysia and will premiere mid-March 2009, most likely on 19 March 2009 . The film, which won the Altre Visioni Award at the Venice International Film Festival 2008 was written, produced, composed, directed and edited by first-time feature filmmaker Yeo Joon Han. Joon Han's first short film, "Adults Only" (2006) was the first Malaysian film ever to win an award at the same festival and managed to score several awards at other European festivals as well.

Despite the film being screened at other countries, the filmmaker's most anticipated screening is in fact its home premiere. He said: "The movie is made for Malaysians, especially ordinary Malaysians who have nothing to do with film, like our parents, family and friends."

Venice Film Festival 2008: Critics and members of the international press queuing for the film

So far, the comedy film "Sell Out!" has made it to Canada, Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong. It will play in the Arctic Circle in mid-January 2009 and then travel to Argentina, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic. Playing to full houses at the Taipei Golden Horse Festival, it also walked away with the NETPAC Award, given by a jury presided by renowned Chinese film director, Xie Fei. Moreover, it reportedly became the first-ever Malaysian film to be sold to Italy as it was a bit hit amongst the general public.

The film features multiple languages such as English, Manglish, Cantonese and Mandarin, and casts Peter Davis and Jerrica Lai as the two main leads.

Cinema Online, 08 February 2009