"Sell Out!" woes

"Sell Out!" woes

Joon Han speaking at the press conference

29 Apr – After much delay for the Malaysian release of local art film "Sell Out!" directed by first-time feature filmmaker Yeo Joon Han, guests and members of the Malaysian media attended the film premiere at GSC Signature, The Gardens Mid Valley at 9pm on 27 April 2009. After winning two awards from the 65th Venice International Film Festival in 2006 and entering in a number of international film festivals in Europe, it has settled on a public release in Singapore and Malaysia on 7 May 2009.

During the press conference held after the screening, Joon Han clarified why "Sell Out!" was shown in film festivals before screening it in Malaysia: "What happened was our film wasn't exactly finished but someone from Venice Film Festival came looking for films and so we submitted ours. Basically, to get into film festivals, your film has to be a virgin. It has to loose its world premiere virginity at one of these festivals. So usually, we can't show it in our home country here. But after two to three festivals later, we decided to show it back home. It's a completely finished product now and much better than the version shown in Venice."

The cast members of "Sell Out!"

When asked upon the details of the March release delay, Joon Han hesitantly replied, " I don't really know the details to that one, but I think there was a misunderstanding about the timing. We didn't approach enough exhibitors in time for a March release, which was why we pushed to May. Also the publicity materials weren't ready. Apparently, I underestimated the amount of publicity materials that needed to be done. My fault too." He further added, "Basically, I myself as a learning director/producer am not familiar with the process yet. So I'm currently learning from other film distribution companies. But I don't think I want to keep holding on to anymore, it's too tough, it's too intelligent for me, I can't take it."

(l-r) Jerrica Lai, Hannah Lo and Peter Davis.

Joon Han playing around with Cinnamon TheLion

Guests: Chermaine Poo, Miss Malaysia/ Universe 2005 runner-up and Jojo Struys, TV personality.

At the moment, the film is scheduled to release with 20 screens in Malaysia, a total that is more than allocated in Singapore. Joon Han hopes to show "Sell Out!" viewers the simple message that Malaysians do have a sense of humour.

"Sell Out!" will release in Malaysia and Singapore on 7 May 2009!

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