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"Ajussi" tops Korean box office!

Writer: Goh Wen Xuan

16 Sept – Won Bin, the Korean heartthrob that enticed ladies with his good looks in TV drama "Autumn In My Heart" (2000), has been keeping busy, trying to challenge difficult characters after returning from military duty in 2006. In his latest movie "Ajussi", he sheds his gentle image, playing a somber shop owner who struggles to rescue a little girl and her mother from a group of mobsters.

Won Bin and Kim Sae-ron forms an unlikely relationship in "Ajussi".
"Ajussi", loosely translated in Korean as 'mister', recently topped South Korea's box office for five weeks, raking in over 7 million won in opening week. The movie also stars child actress Kim Sae-ron ("A Brand New Life"). Previously, Won Bin's war film "Taegukgi" (2004) was one of the highest grossing South Korean films of all time. His fourth film after returning from military duty titled "Mother", earned him critical praises as well as a Best Actor nomination for his portrayal as a mentally challenged man who gets wrongly accused for murder, prompting his mother to prove that he is innocent.

Won Bin calmly attempts to shave his hair off in the movie.
"Ajussi" tells of Tae-Shik "Won Bin", a recluse who comes out of his isolation to help his only friend, a little girl named So-mi (Kim Sae-ron) when she is kidnapped by mobsters. In one scene, Tae-shik cuts his own hair after attending to his injuries. In order to be in top physical condition for this shoot, Won Bin reportedly requested that producers schedule this scene for the last shoot.

No release date is slated yet for "Ajussi" in Malaysia and Singapore.

Cinema Online, 16 September 2010