Fireworks at Appalam premiere

Fireworks at Appalam premiere

"Appalam" Lead pair Raja Ilya & Gana

17 Oct – "Appalam", the Tamil remake of 2009 Malay-language fave "Papadom", secures wide release in Malaysia for late November and a limited release in Singapore at a future date.

At the film's Malaysian premiere on 15 November at the venerable State Cinema in Petaling Jaya, it was announced that this is the first Malaysian Tamil movie on regular 35mm theatrical release after 24 long years.

Both "Appalam" and "Papadom" are helmed by filmmaker Afdlin Shauki who was present with Tayangan Unggul producer Gayathri Su-Lin Pillai to promote the new movie.

"I hope every single Indian person in Malaysia and Singapore would watch it and let their Chinese and Malay friends know about what a great movie it is," added the producer.

Accompanied by fireworks, the night was attended by industry heavyweights like producers Yusof Haslam and David Teo, not to mention the cast comprising Raja Ilya, Gana, Jaclyn Victor and Sathiya among others.

Cast member Sharifah Amani was notably missing from the night.

"Appalam" premiere: State PJ alive with fireworks

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