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Awards not a burden for Nick Cheung

Nicholas Tse (centre) and Liu Kai-Chi (right) play informants to Nick Cheung (left).

25 Aug – "If I keep thinking about winning awards for 'Stool Pigeon', then it would be really burdensome while shooting the movie, right? I think of the awards as my constant encouragement to strive better in my movies," says Nick Cheung, winner of six Best Actor awards for his portrayal of a kidnapper in "Beast Stalker".

Speaking via teleconference from China, Cheung expressed his satisfaction with his role as a cop in "Stool Pigeon", a reversal with Nicholas Tse's character. Compared to his action-filled role in "Beast Stalker", Cheung had to reveal his dark emotions more. "The fans say I look scary in this movie compared to the previous one!"

He also praised Tse for his portrayal as a reluctant informant, who works with Cheung only because he was desperate for money to free his prostitute sister. "I know director Dante Lam has said he will nominate both of us for Best Actor in the next Golden Horse Awards, but I think he has done a great job, a far cry from his previous role in 'Beast Stalker'." Besides that, Cheung also had a steamy scene with a lady in "Stool Pigeon". When asked if he had sought permission from his wife Esther Kwan, he merely replied: "She's an actress as well, so we have a sense of trust between each other."

Nick Cheung (r) gets hot and steamy with a woman in "Stool Pigeon".
Cheung also cleared up the press' misunderstanding about his Weibo status update early this year. "I recently started a Weibo account, so fans were leaving messages for me saying I don't have much screen time compared to Nicholas Tse. So I updated my status saying sometimes I do want to play roles that are like 'flower vases' (someone who only acts as an adornment in a movie). The media interpreted that I wasn't happy that Nic stole my limelight and I compared myself to a 'flower vase' in 'Stool Pigeon'!"

For his upcoming project, Cheung revealed that he will be teaming up with Tse again, this time for a Chinese New Year comedy, loosely titled as "God Of Fortune's Inn". "I hope that people won't get sick of me playing those dark characters, so I made this movie to lighten up the mood! Doesn't the movie title sound like a Wong Jing comedy?" joked the 42-year-old actor.

"Stool Pigeon" will be revealed in Singapore and Malaysia on 26 August 2010!

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