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Howlin' good time

Writer: Goh Wen Xuan

30 Sept – Featuring the voices of Justin Long and Hayden Panetierre, 3D animated comedy "Alpha And Omega" recently screened at TGV Wangsa Walk, Kuala Lumpur, where Cinema Online's contest winners got to view the movie two days prior to its Malaysian release on 30 September 2010.

"Alpha And Omega" tells the story of two wolves in the same pack, and yet they are separated by the social order; Kate (Hayden Panettiere) is an Alpha wolf, and Humphrey (Justin Long) is an Omega wolf. Both crossed paths when they were caught by park rangers and sent to a reservation area, where they were required to 're-populate' the pack! In order to return to the pack, Kate and Humphrey have to work with each other, even if they're at loggerheads in the beginning. Besides Dennis Hopper, Christina Ricci and Danny Glover also lent their voices for "Alpha And Omega".

After the movie, we asked some of our viewers what they thought of the movie, was it worth watching in 3D, and how many stars would they rate it out of 5.

Lam Jen Kiun (r): "The movie was great and funny. The storyline is good for kids as it was quite meaningful, good for the kids. However, I don't think it's worth paying extra for the 3D version. 4 stars."

Sharon Das (l): "It's a lighthearted, family movie, which I find very enjoyable! Hayden Panettiere and Justin Long did a good job voicing the two wolves; they sounded natural. It's good for leisure watching, although I think the 3D version isn't worth the money. 4 stars."

"Alpha And Omega" is currently playing in Singapore and Malaysia!

Cinema Online, 30 September 2010

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