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Tears of the son

Writer: Ezekiel Lee Zhiang Yang

L-R: Adam Corrie Lee, Aaron Aziz, Scha Al Yahya, Syamsul Yusof, Farid Kamil & Remy Ishak

6 Mar – Choked by his tears, an emotional Syamsul Yusof thanked his illustrious father profusely for his support in making his movie "Evolusi KL Drift 2" a reality.

Addressing the audience at the Cathay, e @ Curve premiere last Thursday night, the young actor-filmmaker, could not express his gratitude enough for the heavy-backing he has received for his projects, since he made good ground with his directorial debut "Evolusi KL Drift", that premiered at GSC Alamanda's opening in 2008 and made almost RM 5 million at the Malaysian box office.

Syamsul Yusof

Earlier his father announced: "My son has promised me in front of his mother that he'll make three movies this year. He must! This June, he'll turn 27 and if Ahmad Idham can have so many films under his belt, a young man like my son can surely do it."

He further joked: "As for this movie, he told me 'Papa, the budget for this sequel is same as before... but as usual he drifted and drifted further and went off track! (terbabas)' but we believe we have a good product that will be popular with the local audience as did our earlier movies. God knows we trashed (jahanamkan) enough cars to make this movie, so you had better watch it!"

Proud father Yusof Haslam & wife, with Scha Al Yahya

Romantic drift pairing: Syamsul Yusof & Scha Al Yahya

Syamsul's last flick was "Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam" in April 2009 and he has another upcoming movie in the local horror "Khurafat".

"Evolusi KL Drift 2" will open in Malaysian cinemas 25 March 2010. A Singaporean release is also confirmed.

Cinema Online, 05 March 2010

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