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Mistakenly Misconstrued Mislina

3 Nov – Not many actors or actresses out there are willing to voice out their mind, let alone disagreement in their hearts like her. But for Mislina Mustaffa, she only confides on the truth and states none other than the obvious and is not afraid of being criticised by the public. Not so long ago, this brave actress sparked a sensational racket with her controversial appearance at the 23rd Malaysian Film Festival (FFM23) held at the Convention Centre Shah Alam. She caused heads to turn on the red carpet when she walked in with her latest hairdo: clean-shaven!

The Ipoh born actress recently came into the office for an interview and she confessed that it was not the first time she bolds herself to go bald without no apparent reason though this time it was purely for the purpose of her title role in director Fauziah Nawi's biopic "Zaiton: Cerita Ku". Unfortunately, her heartfelt efforts are still unpaid due to the movie's current status is being held back unknowingly especially after being lambasted by the production's very own publisher.

"I am also not sure of the film's status myself. As I have only heard one part from one side only. But whatever it is, it saddens me when they criticize my performance and my working ethics which claims that I didn't immerse myself enough in the role that I play. If I am truly not supportive of the role, why would I shave my head entirely if it was not for the purpose to be more in-tune with my character right?", confided the actress when she was asked regarding the callous critics that she received.

At the same time, Mislina who had been in the acting scene for almost 20 years now shared with us that the 23rd Malaysian Film Festival (FFM23) was the first film festival that she had ever attended. Even more so, she herself was surprised to know that she was nominated for the Best Actress Award with her lead role in director Chris Chong's international award-winner "Karaoke". "It was awkward during my first time attending FFM23 that day but the organiser called and ask about my participation, I just have to keep it cool!" said the bubbly actress with a smile on her face.