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9th Latin American Film Fest!

Writer: Lai Swee Wei

A scene from Peruvian drama "The Trial".

1 Oct – Lead by the Mexican Embassy in Malaysia on Latin America's behalf, the 9th Latin American Film Festival will take place at GSC International Screens - GSC Mid Valley, GSC Pavilion KL and GSC 1 Utama - from 14 to 17 October 2010 (4 days).

This year, a total of nine movies will be showcased and it offers a wide selections which ranges from of history, drama, thriller, comedy to fiction. This annual rendezvous will feature some of the awarded Latin American cinematic landscape, like "The Pope's Toilet", "The Gift", "Camera Obscura", "The Trial", "My Time Will Come" and "Nonna's Trip".

Headlining the festival is "The Trial", brought in by Peru, which tells the story of a girl, Miranda who needs to find her missing father as his blood type can save her brother's life. While searching for him, she recalls her teenage years and how her family began to collapse by corruption and terrorism. "The Trial" received international awards such as the Best Opera Prima in the Santa CruzFilm Festival, and Best Film and Best Sript in the Verona Film Festival 2007.

Moviegoers can redeem free tickets to "Zamora, Free Land and Men", "Bossa Nova" and "Nonna's Trip" for movie screenings on the same day as redemption date. Limited to 2 tickets per person, while stocks last.

Tickets for Latin American Film Festival 2010 will be price at RM5 each, and can be purchased at participating cinemas ticketing counter or via GSC e-payment facility.

Cinema Online, 01 October 2010

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