UAE bans Sex & The City 2

UAE bans Sex & The City 2

No Cosmo-sipping ladies for the people of UAE.

3 Jun – Set in Abu Dhabi, and yet banned in Abu Dhabi. That's what the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) media regulatory body National Media Council (NMC) decided on "Sex And The City 2" recently. The same censorship would also apply to its predecessor "Sex And The City".

According to NMC, the film's 'salacious contents' and the word 'sex' in its movie title were already not compliant to its media regulations. The plot thickens when most of the nightlife and sand dune scenes that were shot in Abu Dhabi, were not set in the city itself, but in Morocco! Officials previously had contemplated censoring kissing, sex and bad language from the movie; rumours were also abounding when the movie's title could be changed to "Love And The City". Unfortunately, moviegoers in UAE will not be seeing the ladies from New York anytime soon.

A 'mirage' of locations for "Sex And City 2"?

Director Michael Patrick King had once revealed in an interview that he liked the idea of Samantha Jones, the liberal sex kitten in "Sex And The City" to be in Abu Dhabi. "The idea of Samantha Jones, sexually liberated beyond anyone's expectation, going to the Middle East, started to make me amused." Even if officials did not approve filming for "Sex And The City 2" in Abu Dhabi, the pretence of it being set there has irked the bigwigs of NMC.

No rating determined yet for "Sex And The City 2" in Malaysia, which is slated to open on 17 June 2010. Classification for its prequel was '18PL', though several scenes and dialogues were edited out at that time. For Singapore, "Sex And The City 2" is classified as 'M18' and is currently playing in cinemas.

"Sex And The City 2" opens in Malaysia on 17 June 2010, while Singaporeans can catch it now at cinemas island-wide.


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