Ip Man the legend

Ip Man the legend

Sammo Hung vs Donnie Yen: Who will win?

5 May - A wave of "Ip Man 2" craze has swept across the cinema scene in Asia over the weekend. According to distributor Cathay-Keris Films in Singapore, the sequel outshone its predecessor "Ip Man", grossing at S$1.74 million during its first weekend while the latter grossed at S$827,000 when it was released in December 2008.

The opening weekend box office takings of "Ip Man 2" which stars Donnie Yen have also outperformed other Chinese blockbusters, "Red Cliff" (S$1.03 million), "Red Cliff 2" (S$1.26 million) and "Shinjuku Incident" (S$939,000). In Hong Kong, "Ip Man 2" championed the weekend box office; bettering Hollywood hit "Iron Man 2".

Director Yip Wai-shun ("Mongkok Story", "Bullets Over Summer") returns along with the original production crew to present a continuous story of the legendary wushu master, Ip Man. Veteran Hong Kong actor Sammo Hung also acts as an action choreographer, demonstrating different forms of 'Wing Chun' as well as various types of wushu.

Moviegoers in Malaysia caught the preview screening of the movie at GSC Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, where they were asked what they thought about the movie and how many stars would they give out of five.

Jimmy Tan: "The movie was not quite up to my expectations as compared to the first movie. The storyline could've been improved. The best scene to watch out for is the duel between Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen! Also, the ending came off really as a surprise. 4 stars!"

Sharon Das (L): "I really enjoyed the message of integrity buried in the story and moreover, I am a Donnie Yen fan! 4 stars!

Alvin Teoh: "The movie was okay, but I think there weren't enough plots. It was all about the action and fighting in this movie. I would give 3 stars."

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