Derailed before departing

Derailed before departing

Denzel Washington & Chris Pine tag-team to stop the bio-hazardous runaway train.

6 Nov – Action maestro Tony Scott returns with another railroad action flick "Unstoppable" after surviving through major budget cuts and almost losing one of his precious lead stars, Denzel Washington!

After the success of his previous production "The Taking Of Pelham 123", Tony Scott is adamant in becoming an unstoppable force in Hollywood as he signed on to be the director of another similar train action movie by FOX. According to Variety, the studio had a wrestle with the cost of mounting a big scale action picture plus the star salaries of Scott, Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, who had chosen this movie as the first after his previous breakout as Captain Kirk in "Star Trek". Due to this budget issue and citing of lost patience of the film's lack of start date, Washington almost dropped out from the whole production but continued on after securing a modified offer. The actor who was equally impressed with his younger co-star did not regret when he suggested the young actor to the production which later will witness Pine's first time collaboration with the senior Hollywood hotshots, Washington and Scott respectively.

"At the end of the day, the script could have been like a phone book and I would have done it!", cited the fresh-looking Pine at the movie's LA Premiere.

"Unstoppable" tells of a young conductor Will Colson (Pine) and a veteran locomotive engineer Frank Barnes (Washington) chasing after a runaway train nicknamed 'The Beast' filled with a heavy load of hazardous toxic chemicals. Both of them had to set aside their differences and work as a team before the out-of-control train would destroy more on its path and wipe out an entire population in Ohio!

Cinema Online's "Unstoppable" contest winners recently got onboard to experience the thrilling train ride action at TGV KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. After the movie, we asked some of our viewers what they thought of the movie, what do they think of the first time collaboration between the actors, and how many stars would they rate it out of 5.

Kelvin Tan: "It was okay though it's somewhat predictable. I guess I expected too much but even so I am a still big fan of Denzel Washington. His acting with co-star Chris Pine was alright. It's definitely what to be expected when you have an old guy having to work with the new guy on the block for the first time. 3 stars."

Kanmani (L): "I honestly believe they should change the title, if you know what I mean. But the movie could use more explosion scenes. Denzel's acting gets better with each movie. His dynamics with co-star Chris Pine is good for a first time. Overall, it's a great movie! 3.5 stars."

Jamiatul Akmal (R): "It reminded me of Keanu Reeves' "Speed". It was very intense and nerve-wrecking. The actors presented a really great duo on-screen; strict old-school meets headstrong new guy who managed to work together in the end. 4 stars."

"Unstoppable" will depart for its release in Malaysia on 11 November 2010.

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