Zaiton Sameon's life on film

Zaiton Sameon's life on film

Zaiton Sameon's untold story in "Zaiton: Ceritaku".

1 Jun – Famed for her hit song "Menaruh Harapan", 1980s pop diva Zaiton Sameon has been through a lot since a car accident claimed her son's life in February 1990. Zaiton's post-accident trials and tribulations will soon hit the silver screen entitled "Zaiton: Ceritaku", produced by Ainon Ariff and starring Mislina Mustaffa as the young Zaiton.

Initially, singers Nurul Huda Wahab and Farah Wahida were shortlisted to play the singer, but Mislina ("Talentime", "Karaoke") managed to land the coveted role. According to filmmaker and veteran actress Fauziah Nawi, Mislina's casting was the right choice as it would be a tough role. "It's hard to portray Zaiton if someone inexperienced were to play her role. I'm confident that my choice is right, as Mislina is able to portray a great variety of emotions in each scene. Not only can she act well, she can sing too."

During the film's launch at Hotel Grand Bluewave recently, Mislina acknowledges the opportunity given to her and states that she will not let it go to waste, as she underwent several obstacles before being entrusted to play Zaiton's role. "I went to auditions just like everyone else. But I was grateful and touched when Kak Fauziah really wanted me to star in it. I will try to delve into the character as far as I can."

Zaiton Sameon's younger days.

Actress Mislina Mustaffa portraying the iconic star.

When asked about the preparations done for the movie, Mislina said she has done plenty of research about the hardships of Zaiton Sameon. "As difficult as Zaiton's life would be, that's how hard I would portray her character in the movie," said the 39-year-old actress.

Besides Mislina, the film will also star Harun Salim Bachik (Rahim), Shikh Abdul Rashid (Zaki), Nafisah Atan (Zaiton's mother), Abu Shafian Abdul Hamid (Zaiton's father) and Ako Mustapha (Ghafar).

"Zaiton: Ceritaku" is scheduled to shoot for 25 days beginning 15 June 2010. It will be a poignant real-life drama that is slated to show in cinemas by end of 2010.