Sharifah Amani plays a hooker

Sharifah Amani plays a hooker

Teaser poster of "Liberating of Soul", a Japanese movie featuring Malaysian actors Sharifah Amani & Bront Palarae.

15 Jan – Malaysian actress Sharifah Amani has confirmed in a recent interview that her first Japanese movie debut, shot entirely in Malaysia, is entitled "Liberating Of Soul" under the direction of Hosoi Takato.

The actress also divulged that she received the role offer from Moto Yoshi whom she met while working on the late Yasmin Ahmad's already cancelled film, "Wasure Nagase" (translated as "Forget Me Not").

Best Actress at the recent Anugerah Skrin TV3, she will be playing a prostitute in "Liberating Of Soul" alongside Best Actor Bront Palarae who will act as her 'pimp' in the movie.

"This movie will play in Japan. It was quite exhausting to work with their production at the beginning because of the language barrier. However, things had been getting easier soon after," divulged the actress in the interview on her experience with the Japanese production.

The 24 year-old actress also shared a special teaser poster as well as some behind-the-scene images of "Liberating Of Soul", which she was involved in 33 scenes altogether via her own Plixi page.

Sharifah Amani as a prostitute named Rin with co-star Bront Palarae.

Amani with her Japanese co-stars, Aki and Mikawa (right).
Some behind-the-scenes images of "Liberating Of Soul"

"Liberating Of Soul" tells the story of two Japanese men who came to Malaysia with their own intentions. Tatsumi (Aki) is a businessman suffering through a failing business and an impending bankruptcy who decides to take his own life so his family in Japan can survive on the future insurance claim.

Fate brought him to a meeting with a fellow Japanese man named Saijo (Mikawa) which leads to a brawl and a following understanding, where Saijo agrees to be Tatsumi's witness for his suicide on a condition that Tatsumi helps him find someone from his past.

Together, they enlist help from a young prostitute named Rin (Sharifah Amani) as their guide and travel all the way to Kedah to find Saijo's mysterious person. Their journey is tested with a lot of challenges along the way.

"Liberating Of Soul" is yet to secure a release date in Malaysia and Singapore.