"Hunter" at MC11 launch

"Hunter" at MC11 launch

1 June – The official launch of Cinema Online's Movie Carnival 2011 witnessed a huge crowd of movie buffs as well as the cast of "The Hunter" that included Sharifah Amani, Carmen Soo, Tavani Hu, Soo Wincci and more!

The cast of "The Hunter" posing for the press at the launch of Movie Carnival 2011.

"The Hunter's" press conference that was held to coincide with the launch of Malaysia's biggest movie event of the year; Movie Carnival 2011 was attended by director Bjarne Won, Sharifah Amani, Carmen Soo, Tavani Hu, Soo Wincci, Cindy Chen, Lou Qi, Issac Ong, Smyth Wong and Koe Yeet.

Horror-thriller 3D film, "The Hunter", which is directed by Sarawakian-born Bjarne Wong is also a joint production venture with China and Taiwan as it features an actors from those countries; such as Lou Qi who's from China, Tavani Hu from Taiwan and Carmen Soo, Sharifah Amani and Soo Wincci from Malaysia.

During the movie's press conference that was hosted by Soo Wincci, the director and cast of the movie answered various questions from the press, and also elaborated on their upcoming roles for the movie that will begin its principle photography at the jungles of Borneo this June.

The official launch of the biggest movie event in Malaysia; Movie Carnival 2011, took place today!

The concourse area of the IPC Shopping Centre has been converted into a movie haven as it features many booths that has a wide array of movie merchandise, movie inspired sets from "Kung Fu Panda", "The Smurfs" and also "The Hunter", and not forgetting the Vitagen Costume Studio booth that transforms its participants into movie characters of their choice.

Beloved panda Po from "Kung Fu Panda" made an appearance to say hello to fans as they took photos with him & the giant pagoda set at the carnival.
The friendly blue creatures from "The Smurfs" had their very own Smurf village as they took a stroll around IPC Shopping Centre.

The festivities also saw various movie character appearances such as Po from "Kung Fu Panda", "The Smurfs", "Star Trek", "Star Wars" and more, which provided the fans the opportunity to meet and greet the said characters as they took photos with them.

The Movie Carnival will be featuring more movie-related events and activities during its 19-day course starting from 1 to 19 June at the IPC Shopping Centre (formerly known as Ikano Power Centre), so be sure to make your way there to celebrate everything and anything movies!

For more details on the awesome upcoming activities lined-up, keep checking for updates on Cinema Online or visit the Movie Carnival's official website at www.moviecarnival.com.my

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