IMAX TGV Sunway Pyramid opens!

IMAX TGV Sunway Pyramid opens!

The 57-feet wide IMAX screen at TGV Sunway Pyramid.

13 Dec – TGV Cinemas has officially launched their digital IMAX theatre in conjunction with the release of "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" at the newly refurbished TGV Sunway Pyramid today.

A product of 2 previous cinema halls collapsed to accommodate the 57-feet wide screen, the IMAX hall encompasses 2D and 3D projection capabilities aided by 2 projectors, as well as a 14,000 watts laser-aligned sound system that utilises 16 subwoofers, ten times more powerful than a standard cinematic hall.

With a total seating capacity of 292, the hall boasts wide plush French designed seats, as well as wide legroom space.

The entrance for moviegoers to head towards the IMAX hall.

the plush seats in the IMAX Hall

The refurbished Cineplex also depicts a much more contemporary design and apart from the IMAX hall, has three other new halls such as The Club; which is a yet to open premier hall, The Beanieplex; a beanbag seating style hall, and The Tiered-Seating halls; which are halls that offer different seating options.

In conjunction with the IMAX opening, officiated by TGV CEO Kenny Wong and IMAX Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Asia Pacific Don Savant, TGV along with United International Pictures screened "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" which was filmed partially with IMAX cameras to guests ahead of its local release this 15 December.

TGV IMAX tickets are priced at RM22 for 2D movies and RM26 for 3D movies.

"Previously, Malaysia's first IMAX Theatre located at level 10 in Berjaya Times Square brought cinema-goers the largest IMAX screen in the region at 5 stories high in a 555 seater hall in late 2006. With limited movies, a premium ticket price, and challenging crowd-pull on the 10th floor of a mostly non-family skewed mall, the venture between IMAX and the Berjaya group ceased screening IMAX movies in favour of regular blockbusters on 35mm film by 2008. In 2010, this 555 seater hall became part of the 9-screen GSC Cinema operation on levels 1 and 3, as their 10th hall on level 10 under them name "GSC Maxx"."

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