"PA 3" Takes Possession

"PA 3" Takes Possession

"Paranormal Activity 3" takes the scare back to the beginning for US, Malaysia or Singapore audiences.

25 Oct – Third time is the charm, as proven by the latest in the found footage genre, "Paranormal Activity 3", which took first place in the charts this week. Its opening is the highest ever among the "Paranormal" franchise, grossing a total of US $54 million. Hot on its heels, is "Real Steel", whose robots may not be able to beat demonic possession, but still continues to bring in the cash, bringing its total to US $67 million. The remake of "Footloose" manages to double its earnings to US $31 million, although it dropped to third place for the past weekend (20 Oct to 23 Oct), according to online tracker, Box Office Mojo.

However, in Malaysia, clearly Hugh Jackman appealed to fans more than the paranormal, as it still remains at first place two weeks after its release. "Paranormal Activity 3" manages to possess second place, overtaking competing horror, "The Thing". "The Thing" is a prequel for John Carpenter's film of the same name, and is currently at third place at the local box office for the past weekend.

Similarly, "Real Steel" is not letting up its punches in Singapore either. The action-drama continued to reign at first place while "Paranormal Activity 3" crept up to second place. The action team for "Killer Elite", Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro is left to look from third place at the local box office for the past weekend.

Other new releases and sneak peeks last week in Malaysia include "Trespass", "Sector 7", "The Lion King 3D", "Sumpahan Puaka", "Life Without Principle", and "Hidden".

In Singapore, the new releases and sneak peeks last week are "In Time", "Ra.One", "The Lion King 3D", "7aam Arivu", "MOD", "The Help", "One Day", "The Woman Knight Of Mirror Lake", "Red Dog", "Tomorrow's Joe" and "Life Without Principle".

There are also IMAX 3D re-releases for Singapore, which include "Avatar: Special Edition", "Star Trek", and "How to Train Your Dragon".

Box office takings for the weekend just gone (20 Oct - 23 Oct 2011)
1)  Real Steel
2)  Paranormal Activity 3
3)  The Thing
4)  Sector 7
5)  Trespass
6)  Klip 3GP
7)  The Lion King
8)  1911
9)  What's Your Number
10)  The Three Musketeers
1)  Real Steel
2)  Paranormal Activity 3
3)  Killer Elite
4)  One Day
5)  The Thing
6)  What's Your Number
7)  Johnny English Reborn
8)  The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake
9)  Dream House
10) The Sorcerer & The White Snake

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