Petaling Street Warriors arrives!

Petaling Street Warriors arrives!

The cast posing at the press conference for "Petaling Street Warriors" in GSC, MV.

26 Nov – The press preview of "Petaling Street Warriors" is certainly a star-studded affair. Present are Singapore stars Mark Lee, Yeo Yann Yann, Sunny Pang, and Malaysia star Frederick Lee, as well as the movie's producer, Sampson Yuen and action director, Ma Yuk Sing and they look excited to get behind with the press.

Frederick said, "The production of this movie is certainly a memorable experience as all of us are untrained in the martial arts except Sunny, so it can be said that the movie is an enlightenment for us, where we discover our potential for martial arts, and it is also us doing our very best, because we definitely have to give a good impression."

Much like the cast, "Petaling Street Warriors" is about one man's discovery of his potential, made interesting by the humorous manner of the film. However, much of the film's comedic moments stem from their satire of various films, current issues and trends as opposed to slapstick.

The reason is Sampson Yuen wanted to produce a movie that can be enjoyed by local and international fans. As a result, "Petaling Street Warriors" was screened in Hong Kong and Taiwan and obtained critical reception.

It should be noted that the movie was produced under budget constraints, and it is only due to Sampson's friendship with Ma Yuk Sing that the latter agreed to direct the action for the movie.

"I am thankful that Ma Yuk Sing agreed to collaborate with me for this film. It is because of his help that we have a movie that looks so good, because with our budget constraints, I can say that it is almost impossible to produce a movie with such quality."

Set against the background of Petaling Street in 1908, "Petaling Street Warriors" tells the story of a married couple, Shi Duyao (Mark Lee) and Zhung Lichun (Yeo Yann Yann), who operate a Hokkien mee stall amid oppressions by Chinese gangsters. Duyao's life is changed when one day he encounters a mysterious yet beautiful kung-fu expert, Xiaoju (Chris Tong), who claims that he is a descendant of the missing Emperor Jianwen of the Ming Dynasty.

The movie opens in cinemas on 1 December in Malaysia and 29 December in Singapore.