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Fuming smoke at GSC Mid Valley

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

1 Nov – Heavy smoke fuming from GSC Mid Valley at approximately 1.11pm this afternoon is believed to be a result of an apparent fire that took place at the cineplex today.

The incident was noticed by cinemagoers who claimed the heavy smoke started billowing over the ringing of alarm bells which then led to them posting photos and statuses over the incident on the social networking site, Facebook.

Those on scene also highlighted the strange coincidence of the time of the alleged fire which was at approximately 1.11pm, at today's date of 1 November (1/11/11), drawing parallels to the similar numbers.

When contacted, a representative of GSC commented that the cause of the smoke is still unclear and is currently pending investigation.

It is also believed that the whole cineplex is temporarily halting operations and closed to the public, until further notice. No one was believed to be harmed.

Stay tuned for more updates.

The ticketing counter at GSC Mid Valley noticeably vacant.

Staff and cinemagoers waiting outside the closed area.

Shutters at GSC Mid Valley were pulled down to close access into cinema.

Cinema Online, 01 November 2011