3D erotica gets Singapore playdate

3D erotica gets Singapore playdate

7 Jan – Korean 3D erotica "Natali" secures R21 theatrical release in Singapore and will be available in 3D only, according to film distributor Cathay-Keris Films.

Lee Sung-Jae and Park Hyun-Jin in "Natali"

The movie, releasing in Singapore on 24 March 2011, was a CAT III release in Hong Kong with the tagline "A visible & touchable 3D film".

"Natali" is an unusual release because it is a 90-minute erotic drama in 3D, unlike action movies or animated features that normally get the treatment, touted as the first live action movie filmed in stereoscopic cameras in Korean film history. The makers of the film has also revealed that there will be "an intense and erotic scene in 3D".

A statement from the makers note that the '3ality camera' made especially for 3D was used from beginning to end, and post-production was handled by Mix Film, an affiliate of Eins M&M, a Korean multimedia firm specialising in special effects and CGI.

'Natali' is the name of a sculpture of a woman in this movie about a sculptor (Lee Sung-Jae), an art critic (Kim Ji-Hoon) and a modern dancer (Park Hyun-Jin).

On the back of the 3D cinema phenomenon, many industries out of Hollywood are rushing to produce movies in this lucrative format, including Hong Kong's own 3D reupdate of the 1991 CAT III blockbuster "Sex & Zen", now to be titled "Extreme Ecstasy" and available in various edits to cater to the censorship standards and cultural tastes in different territories come fall 2011.

A Malaysian release has not been announced for "Natali".

The movie's licensor in Hong Kong told Cinema Online: "It's rather difficult to get past the censorship there."

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