Andy's Shaolin Success

Andy's Shaolin Success

Andy Lau during fans meet and greet session in Singapore on 19 January 2011

9 Feb – "Shaolin" collected an outstanding SG$2.254 million at the local box office as of 7 February 2011 and had become lead star Andy Lau's highest grossing film in Singapore ever since it opened on 21 January 2011, according to a press release by local distributor Golden Village Pictures.

The martial arts flick surpasses previous Lau's movies at the Singapore box office including, "Detective Dee And The Mystery Of The Phantom Flame" in 2010 and both "The Warlords" as well as "Protégé" in 2007.

The Hong Kong superstar commended the success in the press release saying, "It is heartening to receive such good news on the box office. I want to thank the audience for their support. "Shaolin" is a very sincere production. I hope that Singapore audience will continue their support and catch the movie in cinemas."

Lau as a warlord-turned monk in "Shaolin"

"Shaolin" also soars at the box offices in other parts of Asia where the movie collected more than HK$16.5 million in Hong Kong and more than RM5 million in Malaysia.

"Shaolin", with a production budget of over USD$25 million, follows the story of a fallen young, arrogant warlord named Hao Jie (Andy Lau) who had to repent and seek refuge with the Shaolin monks after he was betrayed by his malicious right-hand man.

Together, Hao Jie and the Shaolin masters are forced to take a fiery stand against his betrayer for justice and peace to prevail once again.


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