Warriors in Siputeh street

Warriors in Siputeh street

Director James Lee and the rest of "Petaling Street Warrior" cast in Siputeh, Ipoh.

6 May – Director James Lee has begun shooting for his upcoming martial arts comedy "Petaling Street Warrior" in a small street with ancient buildings at Siputeh, Ipoh since 28 April 2011.

With a cost production of RM3 million, the film is touted as the most expensive project out of all of Lee's productions to date as compared to his previous films.

Lee also stated during a special press interview that "Petaling Street Warrior" is the first Kung Fu comedy film ever being fully-shot and produced in Malaysia.

"We have been very careful in shooting this film especially in regards to the small details such as roads and buildings," said producer Sampson Yuen. "We have painted the buildings so that those buildings can be fitted in the timeline that has been set in this film. As you know, we even cover the road by spraying sand."

Yeo Yann Yann (left) and Mark Lee plays troubled husband and wife in "Petaling Street Warrior"

Lee receives the support of Mah Yuk-Sing, a notable name who has played a major role in choreographing the action scenes of martial arts blockbusters such as "Storm Warriors 2", "City Under Siege" and the latest action fantasy "A Chinese Ghost Story", as the action director of this film.

"Petaling Street Warrior" takes the setting in 1908, where a Hokkien mee seller named See has to face continuous extortions from the colonial police and Chinese gangs in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur while having a troubled (and sex-less) marriage to his wife, Zhung.

In order for him to impress Zhung, See recruits his neighbours to form a Self-Strengthening Society to protect the local community from harassment only to get into a tougher situation when skilled fighters from Japan and the Qing government appears to retrieve a treasure map from See that even he, himself is unaware of.

The film will feature Singaporean actor Mark Lee as See, Malaysian-Singaporean actress Yeo Yann Yann as Zhung, Chris Tong, Frederick Lee and sensational Malaysian musician Namewee in his first film role.

The tentative release date for the movie is yet to be confirmed for Malaysia and Singapore. However, the production is expected to wrap up by end of 2011.

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