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Aaron Kwok & Nick Cheung in Malaysia

Writer: Peter Chai

Aaron Kwok and Nick Cheung in preparations to shoot a scene at Puduraya.

14 Mar – Following the high-profile filming of "The Viral Factor" in Kuala Lumpur last year, it seems that more Hong Kong filmmakers are looking to Malaysia for filming locations for their movies and this year, award-winning actors Aaron Kwok and Nick Cheung are that batch of Hong Kong stars, having arrived here recently to shoot Oxide Pang's detective thriller titled "Conspirator".

Kwok and Cheung began their first day of shooting in front of Pudu Plaza at Puduraya. Ever since the uproar caused by the Malaysian crowd and media about the shooting of Dante Lam's "The Viral Factor" in public, the Malaysian production team tried their best to collaborate with the filmmakers of "Conspirator" by securing the shooting site and keeping the public away.

They even went as far as to provide the media with wrong shooting date in order to avoid unwanted publicity and disturbances. Not surprisingly, fans at Puduraya were stopped by the production and security staff when they wanted to shoot photos of the set.

However, some of the local media were fortunate to catch a glimpse of the stars' acting on set. According to Guang Ming Entertainment, director Pang was very busy giving out orders and directing the staff and actors for the scenes while Cheung was seen wearing a toupee for his role, and was sweating heavily under the hot weather.

Aside from that, the media also spotted local artist Chen Puie Heng sitting patiently waiting for his turn to act while Pang's wife, Angelica Lee, was also present to support the crew.

Pang and team continued to film at Cyberjaya the next day by blocking one of the main roads. Kwok showed off his driving skills in a thrilling car chase scene shoot involving several vehicles including a black-coloured Toyota and trucks.

"Conspirator" is expected to be released at the end of 2012.

Cinema Online, 14 March 2012