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Adam Brody leading 2 films

Writer: Peter Chai

Adam Brody is keeping himself busy in Hollywood.

18 Jan – From being solely known as "The O.C." star, Seth Cohen, Adam Brody can now add movie credits to his name, as he was recently confirmed for various lead roles, among which includes a film adaptation of Neil Labute's play "Some Girls", and will also star in the comedy "Welcome To The Jungle".

"Some Girls" will be directed by Jennifer Getzinger of "Mad Men" fame, with Neil Labute co-writing the script to suit a feature film. Considering his role in the sex-tinged television drama, Brody will no doubt find home in portraying a successful writer who travels across country to meet up with his five ex-lovers before his wedding day for "Some Girls".

In addition, 32-year-old Brody has also signed on for a role in Rob Meltzer's "Welcome To The Jungle", joining legendary action star Jean-Claude Van Damme and actress-comedian Kristen Schaal. The movie will be a comedy about a group of co-workers who go on a team building "wilderness seminar", only for the retreat to go horribly wrong, which ends up with them trapped on the tropical island. Brody will play the office loser, who cannot find it in himself to stand up to the office bully, Phil.

"Welcome To The Jungle" will begin shooting sometime later this month in Puerto Rico while "Some Girls" is set to start shooting in April 2012.

For Brody fans who cannot wait, Brody will appear in supporting roles in this year's Linda Lovelace's biopic, "Lovelace", alongside with Hollywood favourites like Amanda Seyfried, James Franco and Demi Moore.

As if that will not keep him busy enough, the "Thank You For Smoking" star will also appear in a comedic role for Lorene Scafaria's "Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World", which stars Steve Carell and Keira Knightley.

Cinema Online, 18 January 2012