"Ah Beng" movie hits RM5.6 mil!

"Ah Beng" movie hits RM5.6 mil!

3 Feb – The Chinese New Year comedy "Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes" has now become Malaysia's first locally produced Chinese film to break the box office record for Chinese movies by earning RM1.7 million a weekend after its release and about RM5.6 million to date.

The movie also managed to beat out blockbusters from Hong Kong such as Tony Leung and Lau Ching Wan's "The Great Magician" and Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse's "The Viral Factor" for top spot in the local box office.

Although Jack Lim, who plays Ah Beng, have always felt confident in coming out top among the local movies, the news still comes as a surprise because he had his doubts after seeing the tough competition from Hong Kong. It seems that the effort made by the "Ah Beng" crew to organize various promotional tours had paid off.

Lim, who is also MY FM's DJ, are as enthusiastic as the movie's director and cast about the results and voiced their appreciation for the support from Malaysia's audiences in a recent interview for "Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes".

"I feel quite satisfied with the current box office, which feels like my son had just come out of school with good results! I almost couldn't sleep as I was so happy after I heard the news, and to think that I had friends who are constantly encouraging me... Although it is a good start, but I hope that it can graduate from the 'university of entertainment' with First Class Honors, so I hope that local moviegoers can continue to provide their utmost support for the first Malaysia locally produced Chinese New Year blockbuster. Let's keep breaking the box office records!" said Lim.

When asked if he would celebrate the success or had any new plans for movie in mind, Lim said that he does not have any as he is still busy with the movie's promotional tours.

"I do not have any plans on how to celebrate the movie's success yet, but I had promised to the audience and media that I will visit a charity organization and help those in need every time the box office hits 1 million. Of course other than me, the director, the crew and cast will also be joining me, so I hope that it will benefit more people."

To show their gratitude and appreciation for the support that they received, Lim traveled to Ipoh and Penang for a second round of promotional tours last week. The tour will continue in Klang Valley this week, and there are rumors of more surprise visits from the stars to malls as well.

"Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes" is showing in cinemas in Malaysia now!