Ah Beng to grant wishes!

Ah Beng to grant wishes!

Jack Lim and the cast put in a lot of effort to bring happiness to Malaysia's audience with "Ah Beng The Movie: 3 Wishes".

14 Jan – As the festive season draws closer, it is certain that many Hong Kong Chinese New Year movies will be released in Malaysia's cinemas and our very own local production, "Ah Beng The Movie: 3 Wishes", is not one to miss out on the fun, which recently saw Jack Lim and the cast at a press conference in TGV Cinemas Sunway Pyramid to promote their latest.

Among those who were present were veteran director, Silver, actor-producer Jack Lim and cast members made up of MY FM DJs and Astro emcees, including Gan Jiang Han, Wan Wai Fun, Gan Mei Yan, Royce Tan, Bernard and Keat Yoke.

"Ah Beng The Movie: 3 Wishes" is the first local Chinese film to be released together alongside Hong Kong's Chinese New Year blockbusters. Despite facing competition from by four Hong Kong movies, I still hope that our sincerity for this movie will be able to touch the hearts of our Malaysian audience," said Jack Lim, who aims for an eight million box office gross with his work.

The money will then be donated and contributed towards charity efforts.

For those who want to know more about the movie, the comedy was widely praised by the cast, with regards to the story for their funny and emotional scenes.

"I am very satisfied with my portrayal of Ah Beng's aging mother. While I was watching the movie, I felt like I want to stand up for my colleagues' great performances," said veteran DJ Wan Wai Fun.

Royce Tan added that the movie actually reminded him of his childhood and his feelings of watching great and funny Chinese New Year movies then.

"I truly believe that my family members are going to love this film," said Tan, whose mother was murdered last year.

Astro emcee Gan Jiang Han, who played Ah Beng's father, said, "We might not have many huge and incredible scenes like what those seen in foreign films, but we sincerely recommend you to support this movie's 100 per cent local cast, 100 per cent local production, with guarantee that it is one worth your money."

Lim also revealed that the Prime Minister, Najib Razak, may attend the movie's gala premiere screening at Pavilion KL on 14 January 2012. The red carpet event will be a grand one, as he and his team had spent RM10,000 to build a LED bridge for the event and more than 100 local artists were invited to attend.

Let Ah Beng fulfill your Chinese New Year wishes this year by watching "Ah Beng The Movie: 3 Wishes", out in Malaysia's cinemas on 19 January.