Cameron talks "Avatar" sequels

Cameron talks "Avatar" sequels

Zoe Saldana as the Na'vi Neytiri and Sam Worthington as Jake Sully in his Na'vi form in "Avatar".

9 May – James Cameron has been referred to as the man capable of breaking box office records following his directorial work on the dramatic romance disaster film "Titanic", and more so after the 2009 sci-fi "Avatar", brought him to another level in the movie sphere.

The film, starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang and Sigourney Weaver, was the first film to gross more than US$2 billion worldwide that made use of stereoscopic filmmaking techniques.

According to Total Film, Cameron is not only excited on having more film projects that builds on his original box office phenomenon, he also claimed that they are the only thing that he is interested in now.

"Last year I basically completely disbanded my production company's development arm," said Cameron. "So I'm not interested in developing anything. I'm in the "Avatar" business. Period. That's it. I'm making "Avatar", "Avatar 2", "Avatar 3", maybe "Avatar 4"."

The vast range of issues contained in the film's universe which consisted of humans and beings called the Na' Vi who live on Pandora, on which the former are mining a precious mineral called unobtanium, gave Cameron enough ideas for him to come up with a few more sequels.

"I'm not interested in taking scripts," he continued. "And I suppose that all sounds a little bit restricted, but the point is I think within the "Avatar" landscape I can say everything I need to say that I think needs to be said, in terms of the state of the world and what I think we need to be doing about it. And doing it in an entertaining way."

However, Cameron stated he would still consider making documentary films, but if he was asked to direct any other dramatic pieces similar to that of "Titanic", he probably would turn in down, because at the moment he only has eyes for "Avatar".

It is said that the sequel to "Avatar" is planned for a 2016 release.