Channing Tatum reveals racy scenes

Channing Tatum reveals racy scenes

1 Feb – With the release of the highly-anticipated romance drama "The Vow" just around the corner, it is natural that the stars of Michael Sucsy's directorial would be asked to reveal some details about their latest, specifically America's heartthrob Channing Tatum and America's sweetheart Rachel McAdams, according to Access Hollywood.

For Channing, filming with the leading actress who boasts a film resume the likes of 2004's biggest romance drama, "The Notebook", was an opportunity not to be missed. Inevitable comparisons will definitely be made with the Nicholas Sparks's film adaptation, however, "The Vow" required the buff 32-year-old to strip down to "full monty".

"He bared his ass quite a bit," said Access Hollywood correspondent Tim Vincent about Channing's performance at the film's junket.

His co-star, actress Rachel McAdams added with much mirth, "He did bare some other things and yeah, he was raring to go for it."

The scene came about when Paige, McAdams's character, walks in on Leo's, Tatum's character, who, incidentally, is totally exposed. During filming, the actor had to request for props to shade his private regions.

"He's a very generous, giving and thoughtful actor. He went to the prop department like a month in advance and said hey, 'I want to help Rachel [McAdams] out in this scene. I don't want her to have to pretend too much," 24-year-old McAdams explained, "He had a prosthetic made!"

When asked about Tatum's thoughts on McAdams's reaction to his nudity, he merely joked, "I really didn't have faith in her acting, to be totally honest. I wanted to get a real reaction from her, because it needed to be good."

"I made sure that I had a prosthetic that was down to my shin and that take is in the movie. The funny thing was that she turned back to look at it again!" revealed the "Haywire" star.

"The Vow" hits theaters in Malaysia on 22 March and Singapore on 12 April.