Dain Said excited for "Bunohan"

Dain Said excited for "Bunohan"

The cast and director, Dain Said, at the Gala Premiere of "Bunohan".

2 Mar – Many have been highly anticipating the release of the action-drama "Bunohan" in Malaysia ever since Dain Said's directorial effort had been green lighted, following the positive reception that the film received since its screening overseas.

For the director of "Bunohan", after his disappointment due to his first film "Dukun", an adaptation of Mona Fandey's real-life case involving black magic and murder, being banned in Malaysia, Dain cannot contain his excitement for his latest's upcoming release.

He explained that "Bunohan" is still a Malaysian film despite having screened in foreign lands first, as well as receiving widespread acclaim for it.

"Praise God that "Bunohan" received an excellent response internationally. However, this film is actually made for our people [Malaysians], so I'm more excited to see the response from the local moviegoers instead," said Dain.

He went on to explain that the film took four years to create, and is a very close personal project as not only did he served as director; he also monitored and controlled every element of the film.

"The production crew and I are very enthusiastic about this film. I am thankful to have found a great cast and it is because of them that this film can come alive," said Dain.

"Bunohan" tells a story of violence between three estranged brothers, and the tragedy that brought them apart. Weaving brutal realism with elements of lies, kickboxing and murder-for-hire, the film looks set to bring another notch on the pole of success for Malaysia's film industry.

Among the awards garnered by "Bunohan" were the NETPAC Award in the Taipei's Golden Horse Film Festival 2011. In addition, "Bunohan" was also screened in Toronto's International Film Festival in September last year, as well as International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) in January 2012.

"Bunohan" stars local actors Faizal Hussien, Zahiril Adzim and Pekin Ibrahim in the leads while the supporting cast includes Bront Palarae, Soffi Jikan, Nam Ron, Wan Hanafi Su, Amerul Affendi, Jimmy Lor dan Tengku Azura. It will be released in Malaysia this 8 March.