'Dreddful' act at GV Vivocity

'Dreddful' act at GV Vivocity

Looks like "Dredd" isn't too happy about his missing helmet.

21 Sep – Some may brand them overzealous "Dredd" fans, but we're pretty sure the original 1995 movie was way before these primary school kids' time who had mischievously managed to walk away with the "Dredd" movie helmet on display at GV Vivocity yesterday.

Caught by the cinema's CCTV, footage stills of the act were posted on the Stomp website along with a message from a Golden Village's spokesperson who is hoping to recover the movie display.

The spokesperson revealed, as evident in the footage, there were 6 school boys in uniforms who removed the helmet from its display and proceeded to put it on, brandishing a toy sword while they were at it for added effect.

Not to be taken lightly, the distributors for the movie; Golden Village Pictures are treating the matter as 'property theft' and are appealing to the students to promptly return the stolen item.

The helmet was part of a promotional display for the "Dredd" reboot starring Karl Urban which is now playing in cinemas.

Culprits caught on CCTV smuggling a Homer Simpson figurine from a cinema in Kuala Lumpur.

Few years back in 2007, a cinema in Kuala Lumpur went through similar fate when its Homer Simpson figurine was smuggled out. Unbeknownst to the culprit, the act was caught on CCTV and police had shortly recovered the stolen display reprimanding its thief.

Those with more information on the stolen "Dredd" helmet are urged to contact the Golden Village customer service line.

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