GSC's twin cinemas open!

GSC's twin cinemas open!

(From left) Mr. Irving Chee (GSC General Manager), Y.B. Tuan Ronnie Liu (Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tetap Kerajaan Tempatan) and Ms. Koh Mei Lee (GSC CEO).

21 Jun – Since its announcement early in the year, the double opening of Golden Screen Cinemas' (GSC) cinemas, GSC Setia City in Shah Alam and GSC Paradigm in Petaling Jaya has been long anticipated, with GSC finally opening both doors to the public on 20 and 21 June respectively.

Setia City Mall was the first of the two to be launched yesterday, providing moviegoers in Setia Alam with an opportunity to catch movies nearby as the only other cinema in Shah Alam was MBO Space U8 Mall which opened in November last year.

The event was graced by speeches by Ms. Koh Mei Lee, CEO of Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd, followed by Y.B. Tuan Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tetap Kerajaan Tempatan. The highlight of the event was the 'live sand' drawings by a guest artist, who drew out the history of GSC in sand along with iconic movie scenes.

First ticket purchases at GSC Setia City!

Time to sign the "Brave" poster, as the movie's release coincides with the cinema's opening.

The artist working on an opening performance with sand art!opening.

Many also got to witness the customary 1st ticket purchase by the guests of honour and lion dance before the cinema tour and exclusive screening of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" later that night.

The very next day, 21 June, saw to the opening of GSC Paradigm Mall, also boasting 9-halls similar to GSC Setia City as well as a 3D glasses booth. Just like the night before, the launch saw to many familiar faces including Ms. Koh who was joined by Mr Choe Kai Keong the director of WCT/Paradigm Mall, Mr Ben Chong the General Manager of Paradigm Mall and more.

The bagpipers as well the "Brave" inspired acrobat joins the guests of honour as well as Ms. Koh (middle-left) and Mr. Chee (middle-right) at GSC Paradigm Mall launch.

After a "Brave" inspired acrobatic act as well as a bagpipes performance to mark the launch, additional features of the cinema were introduced, namely the "Hot Food Pick Up" counter which allows moviegoers to place orders and pick up concession purchases comprising of 'Hot Food' like hot dogs, chicken meat balls, chicken nuggets, curry puff, and more from separate counters located side-by-side for a faster transaction that cuts queuing time.

Currently GSC Paradigm is the first from all GSCs to offer these specialised concession counters.

Over the weekend activities such as the "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" shooting game as well as an "Ice Age" Playstation game will be held for visitors at GSC Paradigm Mall who can also look forward to free balloons and candy floss.

With both GSC Paradigm and GSC Setia City open, GSC now operates 26 cinema locations with other GSC locations targeted for 2012; a 10-screen GSC City One Mall in Kuching and an 8-screen Amanjaya Mall in Sungai Petani to be ready by the year's end. An 11-screen GSC NuSentral in KL as well as a 10-screen GSC Palm Mall in Seremban is expected for a 2013 opening.

GSC Setia City Mall opening activities.

GSC Paradigm Mall opening activities.

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