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Depp and Paradis are officially over

Johnny Depp and French beau Vanessa Paradis have ended their 14-year relationship.

20 Jun – The 14-year relationship between "Dark Shadows" actor Johnny Depp and his French beau Vanessa Paradis is now officially over.

According to People magazine, Depp's publicist has just released a statement today to say that the couple 'have amicably separated'; bringing an end to speculations about their relationship status that had many visible signs that it was crumbling.

"Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children," the publicist's statement added.

The pair has two children during their years together; daughter Lily-Rose, 13 and son Jack, 9, but they never married.

Depp and Paradis hooked up in 1998, when Depp first met Paradis in a hotel bar in Paris. When they started dating, they lived in a small town in southern France where they had their kids.

Signs of their failing relationship first emerged early this year in January 2012 when Paradis became noticeably absent beside Depp on the red carpet, and Depp had reportedly moved back to live in Los Angeles. Insiders who knew the couple had also hinted that the couple had already split by then, saying that 'it was sad' for the relationship to end.

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