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Michael Fassbender likes his clothes on

Michael Fassbender and Gina Carano in a scene from "Haywire".

2 Feb – The up-and-rising Irish-German actor who was recently interviewed during one of his public appearances of Steven Soderbergh's "Haywire" claimed that he does not find stripping nude an issue, but he is insisted that performing with his clothes on will do as well, and is not a judge of his acting talent, according to Metro U.K.

When asked about his recent film run and thoughts on explicit content, the 35-year-old, who has starred in five films this year and capped by a Golden Globe nod said, "Nothing changes. My life continues how it is. It really is that simple."

This was in reference to his "full-Monty" appearance in the critically acclaimed psychological drama, "Shame" last year, and his spanking scene with British actress Keira Knightley in David Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method".

"All this other stuff... someone always made this analogy... it's kind of like the hula hoop. You know the hula hoop comes into fashion and everybody's doing the hula hoop and three years later it's that bouncing space hopper or the skateboard. So at the moment, this sort of amount of attention comes my way but it is what it is," explained Fassbender, who also happens to be soaring in the rankings of Hottest Men-type polls.

"I've done a lot of films where there is none of that stuff [explicit content] involved. People seem to latch on to it anyway", shared the Irish-German hunk who rather be judged for his talents than his birthday suit. He also persisted that seeing gun-fights on screen is way more chair-gripping than a film containing high sexual content or nudity.

"There is a lot of excitement about nudity which seems a bit strange considering a lot of us spend a lot of our time naked. It's time to chill out about sex," quipped Fassbender.

He added, "Maybe we need to take a look at our relationship with sex and the female form. It seems to be more the norm to have a gun in your hand and shooting somebody and I've never done that as often." Cinema Online's "Haywire" guests recently got the opportunity to catch the movie at Cathay Cineplex at e@Curve. After the screening, we asked the viewers about their thoughts on the movie, the number of stars they rate it out of 5 and of course, their favourite star.

Cheang Mei Foon: "I find the movie to be quite boring as there's not much dialogue and the action scenes are so-so. The main actress performed her stunts very well but not her acting. I would give 2.5 stars. My favourite star in the movie is Gina Carano."

Wan Mohd Hafiz Wan Razali: "It's not bad for an action movie although the storyline could be better. There are many stars in the movie and that is the main reason I went for the movie. I give it 3 stars. My favourite star in the movie is Ewan McGregor."

"Haywire" is now showing in cinemas!