Rosyam Nor to star in Chinese film

Rosyam Nor to star in Chinese film

Jack Lim (left) to star with Rosyam Nor (right) in an upcoming 2013 Chinese New Year film.

8 Aug – It has been revealed that two-time Asia Pacific Film Festival Award-winning Malaysian film and stage actor Rosyam Nor will be making a special appearance on MYFM DJ Jack Lim's upcoming 2013's Chinese New Year film, tentatively titled "Once Upon A Time".

Rosyam Nor is no stranger to "Once Upon A Time" director, Silver, as the latter will be directing a Malay gangster film called "Balistik", starring Rosyam Nor himself and many of the cast in "Once Upon A Time", including its lead star Jack Lim, Gan Mei Yan, Jason and Jeff, which is why the director casted him in the film.

"Rosyam and I are best friends," said Silver, to which Rosyam added, "We are trying to nurture the spirit of 1 Malaysia. There are Chinese actors in "Balistik" and I will be 'that' Malay actor in "Once Upon A Time"."

Rosyam Nor is confident that director Silver and Jack Lim dare not give him a small role in "Once Upon A Time".

He went on to jokingly add, "I am confident that Silver and Jack Lim will give me a big role as I let Jack play a gangster leader in my film. Since Jack is playing an emperor in this film, I expect to be playing a king from another country!"

As it turned out, Rosyam will be playing the role of one of the many beggars in the film. When asked what is special about his role, Rosyam merely remarked, "There is no unimportant role in film, however small. I'm already special because I will be speaking in my mother tongue [Malay] in the film but all the Chinese will understand!"

"Once Upon A Time" is based on the popular MYFM radio skit "Palace Stories", which lead actor Jack Lim and co-star Gan Mei Yan also provide voices for. The film adaptation will follow the comical adventures of a spoilt Emperor and his two companions when they are transported to a modern day setting during their escape from a coup.

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