Spaniards touched by Kyo Chen

Spaniards touched by Kyo Chen

Kyo Chen Chongwei won Best Actor at the 5th International Short Film Festival of Beau with his touching performance in "Guang".

21 Sep – Local television drama sensation Kyo Chen Chongwei managed to make waves at the 5th International Short Film Festival of Beau in Spain recently, having won the Best Actor award with his performance in the short film "Guang", according to SinChew-i.

Directed by local newcomer Quek Shio Chuan, "Guang" is a short 14-minute film that tells the story of two close brothers. Kyo plays the elder brother Wen Guang, who has autism. Not only is he misunderstood by people around him, Wen Guang also has attention deficiency disorder, which makes life difficult for him. Nevertheless, he is asked by his younger brother to find a job so as to share their financial burden.

The short film had not only stood out in the eyes of Spanish juries and filmmakers, it also attracted the attention of audiences during its screening at the festival as well. The film went on to be nominated as one of their favourite pieces for the "Audience Prize" category.

Due to his busy schedule, Kyo was not able to accept the award in person in Spain.

In a recorded video of his award acceptance speech, Kyo said, "Actually we did not think too much about how good the short film could be, we just want to raise awareness in society and encourage people to be more concerned for the autistic community."

Founded in 2008, the International Short Film Festival of Beau is a platform for aspiring filmmakers from all over the world to showcase their short films, not more than 30 minutes long, to Spanish and international filmmakers.

Besides "Guang", Kyo has also acting credits in "My Family", "Summer Brothers", "Laws Of Attraction" and the telemovie "Happy Family".

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