Zizan praised by Norman

Zizan praised by Norman

Zizan Razak plays an illegal racer and ghost in "Hantu Kapcai".

29 Sep – Norman Abdul Halim, the Executive President of KRU Studios, one of the biggest names in local filmmaking industry, said that "Hantu Kapcai" leading man Zizan Razak is one of the three greatest comedians in Malaysia.

"To me, Zizan is currently one of the three greatest comedic actors we have in our local movie scene. He has his own followers and he has a strong ability to attract attention from the audience all the time," said Norman.

He added, "There are two more guys who have the same charm as him, but I would not want to mention their names."

Looking at the poor box office results for local Malay movies of the previous months and KRU Studios' recent disappointment for their highly anticipated 3D drama "29 Februari", Norman had put in a substantial expectation for Ghaz Abu Bakar's directorial debut "Hantu Kapcai", the first ever movie produced by KRU Studios' sister company, Showbiz Productions.

"I think "Hantu Kapcai" has the story that suits the taste and preferences of the local moviegoers. This movie does not only represent hope for KRU Studios and Showbiz, but it is the hope for the whole Malaysian movie industry. I hope this film can regain the support from our local fans to watch a locally-made piece," he said.

The cast and crew of "Hantu Kapcai".

In "Hantu Kapcai", Zizan Razak plays the main role Ajib, an illegal racer who dies in an accident and turns into a ghost. He tries to teach his younger brother racing in order to win money so that they can clear their family's debts.

"This movie is not just a comedy, we are trying to use the 'rempit' issues and comedic elements to portray the realisation of life," said Zizan.

"Hantu Kapcai" is now showing nationwide in Malaysian cinemas.

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