TGV Bukit Indah opening

TGV Bukit Indah opening

TGV Club that just opened at TGV Sunway Pyramid last December will also be opening at TGV Bukit Indah.

30 May – TGV is set to open its 17th cinema tomorrow at Johor Bahru; TGV Bukit Indah, which will not only encompass 7 standard halls, but an additional Beanieplex hall as well as a premiere class hall, TGV Club.

This new development comes after the unveiling of their newly renovated TGV Sunway Pyramid branch last December.

TGV Bukit Indah boasts an overall estimated seating capacity of 1, 600 and will be the second TGV location to offer its patrons the experience of a Beanieplex hall; special comfy seats using beanbags and a TGV Club; premiere class hall.

TGV Sunway Pyramid was the first to offer the Beanieplex and TGV Club experience, which according to the chain's management, has since been gaining popularity thanks to favourable word-of-mouth from moviegoers, thus encouraging them to install more of the specialty halls for their upcoming cinema locations.

The cinema is expected to not only draw the local crowd, but to cater to moviegoers from neighboring Singapore as well, thanks to its proximity to Malaysia-Singapore second link.

TGV Bukit Indah will feature a Beanieplex hall

...As well as a premiere hall similar to that at TGV Sunway Pyramid; known as TGV Club.

Other new TGV locations set to open this year is the TGV Aeon Rawang in early June, and TGV Aeon Ipoh Station by the end of June as well as the newly renovated TGV 1 Utama which will be reopened at the end of June as well.

TGV Cinemas will mark their 17th Anniversary with a celebration for their invited guests this Friday.

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