"KL Gangster 2" released tomorrow

"KL Gangster 2" released tomorrow

A still from "KL Gangster 2".

26 Sep – Skop Production's long awaited film "KL Gangster 2" went through various mishaps including, notoriously, the piracy scandal several weeks ago but now the makers of the film can at least be at ease as the film will have an early release.

KL Gangster 2" will be released tomorrow, on 27 September to 29 September, rather than the 3 October premiere.

Syamsul Yusof during the "KL Gangster 2" production.

This new release might have been a response to the film being illegally uploaded online more and a month earlier than the real release, as the theft has resulted in the anger of the makers of the film, including director Syamsul Yusof and his father, Datuk Yusof Haslam. But Datuk Yusof explains that the release was because of the fans' responses.

"I was told that the film has received a great response from film fans and many keep asking more about the film itself, which is why we have decided do midnight screenings for three consecutive days, earlier than the expected release date."

"KL Gangster 2" includes many stars like Rosyam Nor, Aaron Aziz, Adi Putra, Zizan Razak and the director himself, Syamsul Yusof about two brothers that are indirectly thrust into the world of gangsters and are threatened for money ten years after their father had died.

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