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26th FFM to take place this year

Writer: Shukri Shaharudin

Jurey Latiff Rosli at the 24th Malaysian Film Festival.

4 Oct – The 26th Malaysian Film Festival will be organized by Gabungan Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia (GAFIM), also known as the Federation of Film Artistes' Associations of Malaysia, with the support of the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) as a co-organiser.

The final decision was achieved in the bilateral dialogue between GAFIM and FINAS in Petaling Jaya on 3 October. Also discussed was the current condition of the country's film industry.

According to the President of GAFIM, Jurey Latiff Rosli, he felt relieved because his meeting with FINAS met its objectives, which were that FINAS recognized the role of GAFIM as the biggest association representing the country's film industry and the two will collaborate to organise the film festival.

Jurey Latiff Rosli (right) and FINAS Director General Naguib Razak (left) at the Creative Content Industry Dialogue 2012.

"Right now, FINAS is still in talks with the ministry in regards to the organization of this year's FFM and GAFIM would also be called to make a framework."

The Malaysian Film Festival (FFM) is the most prestigious event held in recognition to the efforts of the local film industry. The 26th Malaysian Film Festival is expected to take place later this year.

Cinema Online, 04 October 2013

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