Fans' $2 mil for "Veronica Mars"

Fans' $2 mil for "Veronica Mars"

"Veronica Mars" is finally getting a movie!

15 Mar – The deal was that Warner Bros. Digital Distribution would back up actress Kristen Bell and show creator Rob Thomas and make a "Veronica Mars" film a reality if fans can raise USD 2 million via Kickstarter, a website that is a funding platform for creative projects.

Just less than a day after it was announced that fans could back up the project, the 2 million dollar goal was already reached, even though the team gave a lengthy 30 days to reach the goal.

All fans who donate USD 35 or more will receive the film as a digital copy days after, and they can still go on and donate even after the reached goal.

Kristen Bell and "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas.

"Veronica Mars" was an American television series that lasted for only three seasons, but continued to gain a large cult following years after it had been cancelled. Kristen Bell played the title character that progresses from high school to college who also moonlights as a private investigator.

Even though the Kickstarter project had only recently been successful, planning had apparently already been discussed.

"One of our biggest challenges is coordinating schedules. We only have a few weeks to shoot and most of our cast members have additional obligations. We're going to do our best to include as many of your favourite characters as possible," says Rob Thomas.

Now that raising your favourite cancelled shows from the dead is now a possibility, it is only a matter of time before other shows decide to give it a go.