Adi Putra's marriage still intact

Adi Putra's marriage still intact

Adi Putra denies knowing the lady from the scandal he is allegedly involved in

11 Sep – Following the scandal that rocked the entertainment industry about actor Adi Putra and another man's wife exchanging nude pictures and intimate messages, the 32-year-old actor denied knowing the lady in question at all.

"A lot of people have asked me why I'm keeping quiet but that doesn't mean that the rumours are true or I'm running away. I'm still here [at the gala premiere of "KL Gangster 2"] aren't I?" said Adi Putra.

He added, "All I can say is that I do not know the lady that everyone says I've been exchanging messages and pictures with. I have no idea why this happened to me, but it is not my place to punish the people who incited the controversy. Only Allah has the right."

When asked if his marriage has been ruined by the scandal, the actor merely held his wife's hand and remarked, "No, it hasn't. We have already explained to our families and they understand. We are planning to go on a vacation after this to get away from the publicity and rest."

Adi Putra plays the wayward Jai in "KL Gangster 2".

Adi Putra will appear in "KL Gangster 2" alongside Aaron Aziz, Syamsul Yusof, Zizan Razak, Soffi Jikan and Rosyam Nor, to name a few. Directed by Syamsul Yusof, the action film is due in local cinemas on 3 October 2013.

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